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About Us

Our Mission

 KRH Inc commits to assist oil operators in safely maximizing production during well startup. Our well trained and experienced personnel will also ensure EH&S during high production operations. Our vision is to manage each well site in the most efficient and safest way to maximize production while exceeding the standards of those who contract us. 

What We Do

    We offer extended flowback, well watch, flow testing, pumping, and gas lift services. Our professionals are on location 24 hours a day monitoring well pressures, proper equipment operations, as well as dispatching of oil and water transportation. We generate reports that establish a baseline during start-up by recording daily and hourly oil, water, and gas production. By increasing oil production by only 2-3 BPH safely, the cost of our services would be covered.  

    With a constantly expanding safety program we aspire to exceed industry safety standards while still providing the best service possible. 

   We provide a better service and seek the most qualified individuals to ensure that KRH Inc is the premier oil production service company the Bakken has to offer. Although we may not be the biggest our goal is to be the best.

   While strengthening relationships with our current customers is key, we are always looking to build new relationships with additional oil producers. The desire to prove ourselves as the best production service company is one of our highest priorities.

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PO Box 1616, Kalispell, MT 59903, US

(406) 250-7304