About Us

  After 15 years in the Marine Petroleum Transport Industry I decided it was time for a change. I started in the North Dakota oilfield in 2011 subcontracting for a large oil company doing extended flowback pumping. In 2013 I was approached by another oil and gas company to start my own extended flowback service company. I began in early 2014 and our company grew to currently having 25+ contractors.   

   By mid 2015, when the oil industry hit a low point, we were able to maintain a modest amount of work but were forced to scale back contractor numbers to ensure company viability. At the end of 2015, work demand was starting to increase again and saw modest gains. Being able to retain the best and most qualified contractors ensured we would be able to rebuild and come back stronger than before.  

    In 2016 we acquired additional work and were able to start increasing our contractor ranks from 5 to over 20+ by the end of 2016. In 2017 we have seen our contractor numbers grow to 30 plus. Our ranks include a history varying sectors of the oilfield including flowback, pumping, roustabout, and some outside oilfield sectors.